Creepy? Desperate? Pathetic? Unseemly?

You tell us.

It’s filmed strangely in black-and-white and uses the recorded voice of Tiger’s deceased father, Earl Woods, as if he were addressing his son about the recent sex scandal.


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I think he did that to get sympathy,but he is not getting it from me. If his wife know whats good for her she should get a devorce and stop playing around with him money is not everything if she leave now she is still getting alot of money,what is her problem. We all make mistakes sometime in life this, this is no mistake he just didn’t give a dam i mean some ppl can forgive 2 mistale but come on now 12 he is sorry he got catch, he would’ve continue if he didn’t he doesn’t accept his black half and i don’t care for him either. When he’s on tv i don’t watch, paper i don’t read.